What is Instagram’s Threads App? All Your Questions Answered

Meta Description: Discover everything you need to know about Instagram’s Threads app, Meta’s text-based Twitter rival. Learn how to create an account, explore its features, and understand its differences from Twitter. Find out about user limitations, availability, and upcoming updates. Get insights into Threads’ data collection practices and find answers to frequently asked questions.

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In recent months, a range of Twitter alternatives has gained popularity among users seeking new text-based social networks. Platforms like Mastodon, Bluesky, Spill, and T2 have attracted attention. Now, Meta has entered the game with the launch of Threads, a significant addition tied to Instagram. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Instagram’s Threads app, addressing various questions users may have.

  1. What is Instagram’s Threads app and how do you create an account?

Threads is Meta’s text-based Twitter rival, integrated with your Instagram account. To create an account, simply log in using your Instagram credentials.

  1. How does Threads differ from Twitter?

Unlike Twitter, Threads currently does not have paid tiers or ads. However, your Instagram verification mark carries over, even if you have a Meta Verified account. Users can leverage their Instagram network to find and connect with people to follow. Notably, Threads does not support features such as long videos, direct messages, or live audio rooms at present.

  1. How do you use Threads?

Threads is available for iOS and Android users in over 100 countries, except for the EU due to privacy concerns. Since Threads is linked to your Instagram account, you can effortlessly follow the same individuals you already follow. Your username, name, and settings like block lists will be imported.

  1. How many users does Threads have?

Within hours of its launch, Threads amassed over 10 million signups, indicating its rapid popularity.

  1. What are the limitations of posting on Threads?

Each post on Threads allows up to 500 characters and supports images and videos. However, GIFs cannot be posted yet. A Thread post can include a maximum of 10 media items.

  1. Can Threads be accessed on the web?

While you can view Thread posts and profiles via a web link, you cannot log in with your account or make posts through the web interface.

  1. How can you delete your Threads account?

To completely delete your Threads account, you must delete your associated Instagram account, as stated in Meta’s “Supplemental Privacy Policy.” Deactivating the Threads account alone is not sufficient.

  1. Does Threads have a “Following” timeline?

Currently, Threads does not feature a timeline that exclusively displays posts from accounts you follow. The home timeline is algorithmic, showing a mix of posts from both accounts you follow and other users. The feed also includes lightly ranked posts and recommendations from accounts you don’t follow.

  1. Can you send direct messages (DMs) on Threads?

Threads does not include a built-in messaging feature. Instead, the app encourages users to send threads to other apps for communication purposes.

  1. Is Threads part of the fediverse?

Threads does not currently support the features of a decentralized social network, limiting migration to and from the server. However, Meta plans to incorporate ActivityPub support in the future, enabling compatibility with platforms like Mastodon.

  1. What features are currently missing from Threads?

Some features that are absent in Threads at the moment include a “Following” feed, support for GIFs, full web version support, post editing, inline translation, user-generated Alt image text, and hashtags.

  1. What are Threads’ data collection practices?

As Threads relies on an Instagram account for login, Meta states that it is considered part of your Instagram account. Concerns about data collection have been raised by users, considering the privacy labels mentioned in the App Store.

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