Trucking Business Aurora Raises $820M in Stock Sale to Boost Autonomous Trucking Business


Introduction: Aurora Innovation, the pioneering self-driving technology company set to launch an autonomous trucking business in 2024, has successfully completed a capital raise of $820 million through a combination of public and concurrent private stock offerings. The company plans to utilize the funds to support its commercial launch at the end of next year and secure its operations well into 2025. This significant capital injection comes after a series of strategic considerations, and Aurora is poised to revolutionize the autonomous trucking industry with its cutting-edge technology.

Paragraph 1: Aurora’s ambitious capital raise is a strategic move to secure the necessary funding for its autonomous trucking business. Back in November 2022, Aurora had stated that it had enough funds to sustain operations until mid-2024. However, the company has consistently emphasized the need for additional funding to support its venture to launch and beyond.

Paragraph 2: In September 2022, an internal memo from Aurora’s CEO, Chris Urmson, revealed various measures the company was exploring to maintain its cash position. These options included spinouts, acquisitions, layoffs, and, of course, raising funds. Urmson expressed the importance of securing an additional $300 million within a year to extend the company’s financial runway.

Paragraph 3: In April, Aurora filed for a mixed shelf offering intending to raise $350 million. While the recent $820 million capital raise is substantially more than initially planned, it signifies Aurora’s strong commitment to realize its autonomous trucking ambitions.

Paragraph 4: Aurora’s primary focus has been on commercializing self-driving trucks, and it has formed pilot partnerships with major companies such as FedEx, Paccar, Schneider, Werner, and Xpress. The upcoming commercial launch will involve deploying a fleet of approximately 20 autonomous trucks to transport freight between Dallas and Houston without a human driver on board.

Paragraph 5: Regarding the allocation of the raised funds, Aurora’s prospectus provides a general outline, mentioning the funds will be used for “working capital and other corporate purposes.” Some of the money will also be invested in short- and intermediate-term investment-grade instruments, while a portion could be directed towards potential acquisitions, investments, or technological advancements.

Paragraph 6: The stock sale comprises two segments: 73,333,333 shares of Class A common stock will be publicly offered at $3 per share, totaling $220 million, and 222,222,216 shares will be privately offered at $2.70 per share, totaling $600 million. Following the announcement of the successful raise, Aurora’s stock price experienced fluctuations, closing at $2.92 on Thursday after an initial drop to $2.87 in after-hours trading.

Paragraph 7: As of June 30, 2023, Aurora is expected to report $785 million in cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments, excluding the $820 million from the stock sale. The company is yet to announce its second-quarter earnings, during which it is anticipated to shed light on its future plans for the newly acquired capital.

Conclusion: With the successful completion of the $820 million stock sale, Aurora is well-positioned to propel its autonomous trucking business forward, bringing self-driving technology closer to reality. The names of the investors involved will be disclosed after the deal’s closure, and Aurora aims to utilize the funds strategically to revolutionize the transportation industry and create a safer, more efficient future on the roads.


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