Tencent Acquires Techland, Cementing Its Presence in Gaming Industry


Introduction: In an exciting development for the gaming world, Techland, the Polish game studio behind the popular Dying Light series, has announced that Chinese company Tencent is poised to become its majority shareholder. While retaining ownership of its intellectual property and creative freedom, Techland aims to leverage Tencent’s expertise and resources to propel its games to new heights. This strategic alliance comes as Tencent continues its investments in the gaming industry, having previously acquired several other prominent studios.

Techland’s Partnership with Tencent: Techland’s founder and CEO, Paweł Marchewka, shared the news of the impending acquisition, expressing enthusiasm about the possibilities it presents. This partnership is not Tencent’s first foray into the gaming landscape; the Chinese conglomerate has previously invested in notable studios, including Sumo Digital, Inflexion, and Turtle Rock Studios. Moreover, Tencent has secured majority shares in Wakeup Interactive and Tequila Works while also developing games under its in-house Level Infinite brand.

A Vision for the Future: Marchewka is optimistic about the collaboration, believing it will allow Techland to realize its creative vision fully. With Tencent’s proven track record of supporting video game companies, Techland is eager to harness this partnership to create innovative and compelling gaming experiences. The studio is currently working on an unnamed fantasy RPG that is shaping up to be something truly special, promising to be Techland’s first new IP in almost a decade.

The Future of Dying Light: While Techland pursues its new RPG project, the studio remains committed to the beloved Dying Light series. With Tencent’s support, Techland aspires to elevate Dying Light into the ultimate zombie game experience. This includes crafting multiple astonishing adventures and pushing the boundaries of solo and online gameplay to unprecedented levels. Fans of the franchise can anticipate a thrilling and immersive gaming experience like never before.

CEO’s Assurance: Marchewka assured fans that despite the acquisition, he will remain at the helm of Techland. This continuity in leadership indicates that the studio’s core values and commitment to excellence will remain intact, ensuring a seamless transition and continued dedication to delivering outstanding gaming experiences.

Conclusion: The impending partnership between Techland and Tencent heralds an exciting new chapter for the gaming industry. As the Polish studio embarks on new ventures and endeavors to take Dying Light to greater heights, fans and industry observers alike eagerly await the fruits of this collaboration. With Tencent’s backing and Techland’s creativity, the future of gaming looks brighter than ever.

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