Star Trek Strange New Worlds Lower Decks Crossover: A Nostalgic and Emotional Adventure


Introduction: Crossovers can be challenging, but when executed well, they can bring the best of a franchise together. Star Trek has never shied away from this challenge, and the collaboration between Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks proves to be a successful balancing act, representing the essence of Trek at its finest.

Recap: The episode titled “Those Old Scientists” brought together the live-action world of Strange New Worlds and the animated charm of Lower Decks in a delightful crossover. Ensign Boimler finds himself time-traveled to the TOS era, coming face to face with Captain Pike and his bridge crew.

Initially, the interaction feels awkward as Boimler, a TOS-era fanboy, tries to adjust to the reality of meeting his childhood icons. As the episode progresses, the contrast between his idealized imaginings and the reality of these legendary characters becomes apparent. Boimler’s encounters with Mr. Spock and Mariner’s meeting with Uhura further explore the human side of these iconic figures, making the crossover emotionally compelling.

The emotional conflicts in the episode mirror the metatext of Strange New Worlds, highlighting the journey of characters as they grow, experiment, and overcome challenges. Boimler and Mariner’s realization that their heroes are flawed and human adds depth to their own characters, emphasizing that they, too, are dedicated Starfleet officers striving to do their best.

Conclusion: “Those Old Scientists” is not just a harmless, isolated adventure filled with knowing gags. It becomes a wonderful companion to the themes explored in the other episode, “Lost In Translation,” showcasing the importance of self-discovery and personal growth. This crossover captures the essence of Star Trek’s legacy, offering a fun and cute experience while leaving a lasting emotional impact on the audience.

Description: Read the emotional and nostalgic recap of the successful Star Trek Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks crossover episode titled “Those Old Scientists.” Discover how Ensign Boimler’s time-travel to the TOS era challenges his idealized view of Captain Pike and Mr. Spock. Witness the characters’ emotional conflicts and growth, making this crossover more than just a delightful and fun adventure.

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