Spotify Shares Plummet After Premium Subscription Price Increase


Introduction: On July 25, 2023, Spotify (SPOT) experienced a significant drop of over 5% in its share value during intraday trading. This sudden decline followed the announcement of the company’s plans to raise prices for its premium subscription plans. In response to the evolving market landscape, Spotify revealed it would implement price increases of up to $2 per month or 20% for some of its offerings, affecting millions of premium subscribers globally.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spotify intends to raise prices on its premium subscription plans, starting in August.
  • The announcement caused a more than 5% decline in Spotify’s share value during intraday trading.
  • The price hikes come in the wake of similar moves by competitors, including Apple Music.
  • Premium subscription prices in the U.S. will see an increase to $10.99 per month, and student plans will rise to $5.99 per month.

Details of the Price Hike: Spotify, the music streaming giant with over 200 million premium subscribers, disclosed its intention to raise prices on its premium subscription plans by as much as $2 or 20% in the U.S. The changes will impact various offerings, with a single premium subscription increasing from $9.99 to $10.99 per month and student plans rising from $4.99 to $5.99 per month.

One-Month Grace Period: To ease the impact on consumers, Spotify will grant its premium subscribers a “one-month grace period” before the price increase takes effect. During this time, users can continue to enjoy their current subscription rates. The price adjustments will also affect Spotify users in other countries, such as the U.K., Mexico, Australia, Canada, Ecuador, and Spain.

Adapting to a Changing Landscape: Spotify’s decision to raise prices is a response to the changing market landscape since its inception in 2008 and the launch of its premium service in 2011. The streaming platform has witnessed significant growth, with its premium subscriber base expanding by 15% year-over-year (YoY) to 210 million. In the first quarter earnings report, Spotify’s total revenue reached €3.0 billion ($3.32 billion), showcasing a 14% YoY growth.

Following Apple Music’s Lead: Spotify is not the only player in the music streaming arena to raise its premium subscription prices. In a similar move, rival company Apple Music (APPL) raised its prices by one dollar, from $9.99 to $10.99, last October.

Conclusion: As Spotify gears up to implement its price hikes on premium subscription plans, the company faces a challenge in maintaining its user base while adapting to market dynamics. The one-month grace period may provide some breathing room for subscribers, allowing them to prepare for the increased costs. Nevertheless, with competitors also adjusting their pricing structures, the streaming giant must strategize carefully to retain its position in the highly competitive music streaming industry.

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