Quordle Today – Hints and Answers for Friday, July 21 (Game #543)


Introduction: Welcome to your daily dose of Quordle hints, along with the answers for both the main game and the Daily Sequence spin-off. Quordle, a word game, has managed to capture my interest even after 18 months of the daily-word-game craze on the internet due to its unique challenges and enjoyable gameplay.

About Quordle: Quordle, one of the Wordle clones, is still gaining popularity, and its creators, Merriam-Webster, are constantly refreshing the experience with new variants like the Daily Sequence. The Daily Sequence requires you to complete four puzzles consecutively, providing a fresh twist to the gameplay.

Quordle answers for game 543 on a yellow background

Hints for Quordle Today (Game #543): If you’re seeking Wordle hints, you’ll likely need some assistance with Quordle as well. As an avid Quordle and Wordle fanatic since December 2021, I can guide you in solving Quordle for today (Game #543) and help you improve your skills for tomorrow.

Quordle daily sequence answers for game 543 on a yellow background

  1. Vowels: There are five different vowels in Quordle today.
  2. Total Vowels: The total number of vowels across today’s Quordle answers is 9.
  3. Repeated Letters: None of today’s Quordle answers contain repeated letters.
  4. Total Letters: Quordle today uses 12 different letters.
  5. Uncommon Letters: The letters Q, Z, X, or J do not appear in today’s Quordle answers.
  6. Starting Letters (1): Today’s Quordle answers do not start with the same letter.
  7. Starting Letters (2): Today’s Quordle answers start with the letters R, T, L, and I.

Quordle Answers for Game #543: If you’re ready for the answers, here they are:

  1. Answer 1
  2. Answer 2
  3. Answer 3
  4. Answer 4
  5. Answer 5

Daily Sequence Answers for Game #543: For the Daily Sequence, the answers for Game #543 are as follows:

  1. Daily Sequence Answer 1
  2. Daily Sequence Answer 2
  3. Daily Sequence Answer 3
  4. Daily Sequence Answer 4

Past Quordle Answers: Here are the answers for the past 20 Quordle games:

Quordle #542, Thursday 20 July: ENTER, TRULY, USUAL, CIVIL Quordle #541, Wednesday 19 July: WORST, KAYAK, HENCE, ZEBRA Quordle #540, Tuesday 18 July: DEBUT, HOARD, SILLY, UPPER Quordle #539, Monday 17 July: LUPUS, ALIVE, SALLY, ABLED Quordle #538, Sunday 16 July: STEAM, SALTY, SLOOP, TRUSS Quordle #537, Saturday 15 July: CYCLE, FALSE, FRILL, HEAVY Quordle #536, Friday 14 July: LIBEL, CABLE, WREAK, SCOPE Quordle #535, Thursday 13 July: BASTE, QUERY, SNAIL, PEARL Quordle #534, Wednesday 12 July: VOICE, MANGA, FROTH, BLOAT Quordle #533, Tuesday 11 July: MODEL, AISLE, LIMBO, TULLE Quordle #532, Monday 10 July: FILET, DULLY, IRATE, NOSEY Quordle #531, Sunday 9 July: AXION, OFFER, DREAD, SADLY Quordle #530, Saturday 8 July: BAGEL, SPITE, MAYBE,

RADIO Quordle #529, Friday 7 July: CLOUT, SMEAR, GAILY, ANGRY Quordle #528, Thursday 6 July: HUNCH, LEFTY, ABBEY, RECUR Quordle #527, Wednesday 5 July: HILLY, ALERT, SHEET, VODKA Quordle #526, Tuesday 4 July: GUMMY, SQUAT, SUSHI, GAUDY Quordle #525, Monday 3 July: DRUID, ENACT, APART, HEFTY Quordle #524, Sunday 2 July: AMISS, SHOWY, LURCH, SAUCY Quordle #523, Saturday 1 July: KNEAD, DALLY, AMAZE, IDEAL

Quordle FAQs: Here are some frequently asked questions about Quordle:

  1. What is Quordle? Quordle is a word game where you solve four puzzles simultaneously. The rules are similar to Wordle, but you have nine guesses to find the answers.
  2. What are the Quordle rules? The rules are similar to Wordle, where you get green, yellow, and gray hints for correct and incorrect letters in the answer.
  3. What is a good Quordle strategy? It’s crucial to use several starting words and narrow down options when faced with multiple possibilities.

Conclusion: Quordle continues to be a popular word game due to its unique challenges and addictive gameplay. Use the hints provided to improve your skills and enjoy solving the daily puzzles. Good luck and happy Quordling!

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