Line Next Collaborates with Sega to Develop Web3 Game for Game Dosi

SEO Title: Line Next Partners with Sega to Create Web3 Game for Game Dosi Platform

SEO Description: Line Next has signed a partnership agreement with Sega to develop a Web3 game for the blockchain gaming platform, Game Dosi. This collaboration will bring one of Sega’s popular video game IPs to Game Dosi, leveraging Line Next’s expertise in the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. Read on to learn more about this exciting venture.



Line Next, a division of mobile messaging firm Line based in Seongham, South Korea, has joined forces with Sega to create a Web3 game for the Game Dosi platform. Under an intellectual property licensing agreement, Line Next will utilize one of Sega’s highly popular game IPs and transform it into an immersive Web3 gaming experience. This collaboration aims to expand the NFT ecosystem and enhance the gaming landscape. More information about the game will be disclosed at a later date.

Details of the Partnership:

Sega recently announced its decision to rely on third-party partnerships, such as the one with Line Next, for developing Web3 games. While some may perceive the blockchain technology as extreme, Sega acknowledges its potential and commitment to invest in the space. Line Next, thrilled about the collaboration, aims to deliver an exciting Web3 gaming experience to global players through Game Dosi. CEO Youngsu Ko expressed excitement about this partnership, highlighting the accessibility of Web3 content for Sega fans and gamers worldwide.

About Game Dosi:

Game Dosi, a Web3 gaming platform launched in May, prioritizes user-centered and game-centric services. Under its slogan “Gamer First, Web3 Next,” the platform has already unveiled six titles, including its flagship in-house game, “Project GD.” With the addition of Sega’s popular game IP, Game Dosi aims to further enrich its gaming offerings, embracing the potential of Web3 technology.


Line Next’s collaboration with Sega marks an important milestone in the development of Web3 games for the Game Dosi platform. By leveraging Sega’s popular video game IP and Line Next’s expertise in the NFT ecosystem, this partnership will introduce an exciting Web3 gaming experience to a global audience. As Game Dosi continues to expand its gaming catalog, players can look forward to more immersive and innovative gaming experiences powered by Web3 technology.

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