Title: Julia Koch Sells Upper East Side Townhouse for $41M in Exclusive Off-Market Deal

Meta Description: Julia Koch, widow of billionaire David Koch, has sold their luxurious Upper East Side townhouse for a staggering $41 million in a private transaction. Get all the details about the sale and the stunning features of this magnificent property.


Julia Koch, renowned philanthropist and socialite, has recently sold her remarkable Upper East Side townhouse in a discreet off-market deal. The property, previously owned by the Kochs, fetched an impressive $41 million, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. This sale comes after Julia Koch listed their duplex at 740 Park Avenue for $48 million last year. Let’s delve into the details of this significant transaction and explore the exquisite features of the townhouse.

The Magnificent Upper East Side Townhouse:

Situated on East 76th Street, this expansive six-story mansion spans an impressive 15,000 square feet and boasts a striking 36-foot-wide frontage. The townhouse, originally purchased by the Kochs from real estate magnate Joseph Chetrit in 2018 for $40.25 million, offers the epitome of luxury living in Manhattan. Renowned architect Peter Marino oversaw the meticulous renovation, ensuring a perfect blend of elegance and modern comfort.

Grandeur and Features:

With eight bedrooms, the townhouse provides ample space for a lavish lifestyle. The interior exudes sophistication, featuring a grand open staircase that sets the tone for the entire residence. On the first floor, a beautiful garden awaits, offering a serene retreat within the bustling city. Additionally, the lower level encompasses a custom media room, a spa, and even a sports court, ensuring residents have every luxury at their fingertips.

Julia Koch’s Real Estate Ventures:

Julia Koch’s real estate activities have been making headlines in recent years. In addition to the townhouse sale, she made headlines for her acquisitions in prestigious locations. Last year, she purchased two apartments on East 66th Street, previously owned by the estate of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, for a staggering $101 million. These properties included a magnificent penthouse and a full-floor unit below, adding to Julia Koch’s already impressive real estate portfolio.

Continued Presence in New York:

Despite parting with the Upper East Side townhouse, Julia Koch and her family remain committed to New York. A spokesperson for Koch confirmed their intention to stay in the city, ensuring their continued presence in the vibrant metropolis.


Julia Koch’s recent sale of the Upper East Side townhouse for $41 million marks another milestone in her real estate endeavors. The townhouse’s exceptional features and luxurious amenities, coupled with the off-market deal, demonstrate the allure of Manhattan’s high-end properties. Julia Koch’s ongoing presence in New York reflects her deep connection to the city’s culture and philanthropic endeavors. As she embarks on new ventures, her contributions to medical research, education, and the arts through the David H. Koch Foundation continue to leave a lasting impact.

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