Evergrande Real Estate Giant’s $81B Losses Over 2021-2022 Revealed


Introduction: Chinese real estate giant Evergrande has faced significant financial challenges, resulting in an astonishing $81 billion in losses between 2021 and 2022. The company’s earnings report, long-delayed, exposed the scale of its financial troubles. With liabilities surpassing assets, concerns arise about the potential impact on China’s economy, considering Evergrande’s status as one of the nation’s largest apartment builders.

Evergrande Real Estate Giant's $81B Losses Over 2021-2022 Revealed

Evergrande’s Financial Woes: In 2022, Evergrande’s liabilities reached a staggering $335 billion, significantly overshadowing its $251 billion in assets. This marked the company as the world’s most indebted developer, a title it earned in June 2021 when it first reported its substantial liabilities. Subsequently, Evergrande faced a default situation six months later.

Quest for Debt Restructuring: Attempting to mitigate its financial woes, Evergrande embarked on a challenging journey to restructure its debt. Despite announcing a restructuring plan months ago, the company continues to engage in discussions with overseas investors concerning its massive debt burden. However, concerns linger as Prism, an external auditor, refrained from commenting on Evergrande’s financial reports due to a lack of evidence regarding its ability to meet its obligations.

Stock Exchange Suspension and Potential Delisting: Shares of Evergrande on the Hong Kong stock exchange were suspended since last March and are now nearing the deadline before possible delisting. This adds to the uncertainty surrounding the company’s future.

Leadership Changes: In the wake of the financial turmoil, Evergrande saw changes in its top leadership. CEO Xia Haijun and CFO Pan Darong resigned a year ago and were succeeded by Siu Shawn and Qian Cheng, respectively.

Evergrande Real Estate Giant's $81B Losses Over 2021-2022 Revealed

Other Struggling Developers: Evergrande is not the only Chinese developer facing financial difficulties. Kaisa, another embattled company, experienced a default situation after failing to repay a $400 million bond. The struggles of these real estate giants are particularly noteworthy given the significant influence of the real estate sector on China’s economy, contributing to a quarter of the country’s growth.

Conclusion: The revelation of Evergrande’s $81 billion losses over the past two years has sent shockwaves through the global financial landscape. As one of China’s largest apartment builders, its financial troubles have raised concerns about potential repercussions on the nation’s economy. With ongoing efforts to restructure debt and leadership changes, Evergrande’s fate remains uncertain, impacting investors and the real estate sector at large.

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