Dallas Mayor Advocates Property Tax Cut on His $1.6M Home

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SEO Description: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and his wife are contesting the appraised value of their home in an effort to lower their property tax bill. Read more about the mayor’s push for property tax relief and ongoing discussions at the state level.

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Introduction: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and his wife are challenging the appraisal value of their 5,000 square-foot residence in the White Rock Lake area of East Dallas. With an appraised value of nearly $1.6 million, the couple aims to lower their property tax bill, which currently stands at an estimated $33,000. Mayor Johnson’s pursuit of property tax relief aligns with discussions at the state level, where Texas lawmakers are engaged in a special legislative session focused on reaching a consensus on a property tax cut plan.

Body: Mayor Johnson’s desire to reduce property taxes in Dallas stems from his concerns about the city’s high property tax rate, which he claims is the highest among major cities in Texas. In his April 2021 newsletter, he emphasized that the majority of property taxes are allocated to the school district rather than the city itself. Over the years, the market value of the Johnsons’ home has significantly increased, rising from $280,000 in 2013 to $1.8 million in the current year.

The mayor aims to establish the lowest tax rate among major cities in the North Texas area within the next four years. He believes that without meaningful property tax relief, residents may be deterred from living and working in the city. This aligns with his recent inauguration speech, during which he expressed his commitment to reducing the tax burden on Dallas residents.

Dallas currently has the second-highest property tax rate among the ten largest cities in Texas, with El Paso holding the top position. Although the rate was lowered to 74.58 cents per $100 valuation last fall, marking the seventh consecutive year of reduction, several Dallas City Council members, including Chad West and Jaime Resendez, have also protested the appraised values of their homes this year. Resendez has encouraged property owners to appeal their appraisals if they believe they are paying more than their fair share.

Critics argue that making significant cuts to property taxes is challenging due to the absence of a state income tax in Texas. However, Mayor Johnson remains committed to his goal of achieving property tax relief in Dallas.

The Dallas Central Appraisal District has received a significant number of protests this year, totaling over 191,000. While the success rate of these appeals is unknown, approximately 79,000 protests have reached board hearings as of June 30, indicating a growing demand for property tax reassessment.

Conclusion: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and his wife’s appeal against the appraised value of their home reflects the mayor’s commitment to reducing property taxes in the city. Alongside other Dallas City Council members, he aims to provide relief for residents and establish a lower tax rate compared to other major cities in the North Texas area. As discussions continue at the state level, the pursuit of property tax cut plans remains a priority, despite challenges associated with the absence of a state income tax.

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