Apollo Phantom V3 Review: The Ultimate Commuter Scooter for Long Rides


Introduction: In this review, we delve into the Apollo Phantom V3, an electric kick scooter that promises an impressive range for daily commuters. As a seasoned rider who often treks from Brooklyn to Manhattan, the search for a reliable and long-lasting scooter has been a challenge. Will the Apollo Phantom V3 prove to be the solution to my commuting needs? Let’s find out.

Impressive Range and Performance: The Apollo Phantom V3 has consistently impressed with its remarkable range. With one charge, I managed to ride from Brooklyn to Fort Lee, New Jersey, covering 22 miles while still having 43 percent battery life left. This scooter proves to be the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable companion for long-distance rides, making it the ultimate commuter scooter.

Weight Capacity and Design: The scooter’s ability to support up to 300 pounds is a significant advantage for riders with extra weight. As a taller and heavier individual, I can attest to its capability to conquer even the steepest slopes, such as those on the George Washington Bridge’s bike path. However, the robust build of the Phantom V3 comes at a cost, as it weighs a substantial 77 pounds. While manageable to carry, the absence of folding handlebars makes navigating narrow spaces a bit cumbersome.

Unboxing and Setup: Upon receiving the scooter, unboxing it may require an extra hand due to its weight. The setup process involves some additional steps compared to other scooters, mainly revolving around mounting the handlebars. It’s essential to pay close attention during setup, as some wires were unplugged, causing momentary confusion. Nonetheless, once assembled, the scooter performs flawlessly.

User-Friendly Companion App: The Apollo companion app proves to be stable and user-friendly, providing valuable ride information like the odometer. Additionally, it offers customization options, allowing riders to adjust settings such as speed, acceleration, and regenerative brake levels. The latter proves to be a valuable feature, providing a modest charge when using the regen brake thumb throttle.

Hydraulic Brakes vs. Disc Brakes: One point of contention lies in the choice of disc brakes over hydraulic brakes for a scooter in this price range. While hydraulic brakes could have been a preferred option, the regen brake feature serves as an effective alternative for most situations, bringing the scooter to a quick halt when needed.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Apollo Phantom V3 stands tall as a reliable and robust electric kick scooter, perfect for the daily commuter seeking an extended range. Its ability to handle extra weight, impressive regen brake, and user-friendly companion app make it a top contender in the electric scooter market. While its weight may pose a minor inconvenience, the Apollo Phantom V3 offers a stellar riding experience for those in search of a powerful and enduring commuter scooter.

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